DMA Recitals

Doctor of Musical Arts recitals must demonstrate the highest level of technical skill and artistry through the performance of a wide variety of musical styles.

Students are expected to present all recitals on campus. One off campus major performance, such as a solo performance with a reputable symphony orchestra, may be substituted by obtaining written permission from the applied lessons professor and the Director of Graduate Studies. This option is not available for the final recital.

Recital Requirements

Lecture Recital

Students may perform a lecture recital, independent of the Final Project, as one of the required recitals. The lecture portion, approximately 30 minutes of speaking, must be written, substantiated by footnotes, and approved by the committee no later than four weeks before the scheduled date of the recital. The recital portion must be at least 45 minutes of music.

If the student wishes to use the lecture recital as the Final Project, the lecture recital should be presented as the penultimate recital in the degree program.

Recital Permission 

Recital permission policies vary by program. Students should confirm the recital permission policies for their program with their applied lessons professor or the program coordinator.

For programs that require recital permission to be obtained, permission must be secured at least four weeks prior to the desired performance date. Students may have two hearings for recital permission. In extenuating circumstances, students may petition their applied lessons professor and the Director of Graduate Studies for a third hearing. Students who fail to obtain recital permission may be dismissed from the program.

Recital Registration 

Students must register for each recital (CONDUCT, PIANO, STRINGS, VOICE, or WIND PER 580) in the quarter of the recital.

Scheduling Recitals 

Students must secure recital performance dates through the Concert Management Office.

Learn More about Student Recital Scheduling

Additional Recital Guidelines for the DMA in Voice and Opera Performance

  • Doctor of Musical Arts recitals should be 60 to 75 minutes of representative solo literature or chamber music. 
  • At least three of the four recitals should be on campus. Students must register for each recital in the quarter of the recital.
  • Students must audition for recital permission, and recitals must take place within four to eight weeks of passing the recital permission audition.
  • Self-prepared recitals do not require recital permission. 
  • For self-prepared recitals, students may work with a Bienen School of Music staff coach-pianist on the repertoire, and may take lessons with their applied lessons professor. However, students may not work on the repertoire for the self-prepared recital during voice lessons. No exceptions may be made to this rule. 
  • Students should review the Student Recital Scheduling Guidelines from the Concert Management Office. Students must submit all recital permission and program forms to the Concert Management Office four to eight weeks prior to the proposed date of the recital. The recital date, time, and hall may be reserved prior to recital permission as long as the forms and program are complete and signed.

DMA Voice Recital Permission Procedures