Graduate Tuition & Fees

Graduate (MM & DMA) students attending the Bienen School of Music will only be charged tuition on their student accounts. Students are charged one rate for full-time enrollment (3-5 units of credit). This gives students the advantage of taking a variety of courses to supplement their musical training without additional charges.

Please note that the estimated living expenses listed below are just that: estimates. The cost of living varies widely among our student body and according to a student's individual needs.

Estimated Expenses for 2023-24




Room & Board$15,000

Health Insurance$5,144

Other Expenses$7,200

These figures, based on average costs, include: books and supplies ($375), personal expenses ($4,950) and transportation ($1,875)


Financial Aid

Master of Music students have the opportunity to receive partial or full tuition grants. All DMA students receive a full-tuition scholarship, stipend, and fully subsidized health insurance.