MM & DMA Auditions

Step-by-step instructions for auditioning for the Bienen School of Music are outlined below.

1. Submit your application Top

Within the Graduate Application, you will answer questions about your musical background, upload your resume and personal statement, and request recommendations. Many programs require that prescreening materials be submitted with the application. If your program requires an audition, you will receive information on how to schedule it following a successful review of your prescreening materials.

Submit your application

Important Audition Dates

February 2022
Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts auditions and interviews
February 14 (DMA) February 15 (MM)
Choral Conducting auditions
February 21 (DMA) February 22 (MM)
Wind Conducting auditions

2. Prepare for Your Audition Top

We recommend starting early by taking the audition requirements to your music teacher. Prepare for your audition by bringing musical selections that best showcase what you do well.  It is better to beautifully perform a piece that requires moderate skill, as opposed to a mediocre performance of a very difficult piece.

For prescreening recordings and final audition recordings, it is not necessary to have them made in a professional studio. The most important aspect is that the sound quality of your recording is excellent, so find a good microphone and play your recording for multiple people before you submit it.


Please see your program's individual Audition & Program Requirements page for information about accompaniment requirements. 

3. Audition Top

At this time, the Bienen School plans to hold in-person auditions, with live virtual audition options available for select instrument areas. Recorded auditions will also be accepted from MM applicants, though a live audition is strongly preferred.

All MM & DMA applicants who have started a Graduate Application will be emailed directly with more details.