Campaign Priorities

Your support enhances the Bienen School’s position as one of the nation’s leading music institutions by investing in these priorities:

  • Merit aid and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate performance majors, including international students, will allow the Bienen School to better compete with peer institutions for leading talent from around the world.

  • Endowment for Academic and Artistic Programming to support special initiatives including festivals, commissions, and student ensemble touring will enhance opportunities for students and faculty.

  • The training of Voice and Opera students will be strengthened through increased connections with major opera artists and professional opera companies, and the prominence of the program offers significant opportunities for enhancing the school’s visibility.

  • Endowing the Institute for New Music will enable the institute to undertake special initiatives such as festivals, lectures, guest artist residencies, and commissions of new works.

  • Endowing the Department of Music Performance will support studies in brass, jazz, percussion, piano, strings, voice, and woodwinds as well as band, choral, and orchestral conducting.

  • Endowed professorships will allow the Bienen School to recruit and retain artist-scholars who will assist in recruiting the nation’s best music students, bolstering the school’s reputation as one of the nation’s top-ranked music institutions.

  • The permanent creation of an unrestricted endowed deanship will allow the dean to focus on the school’s highest annual priorities.

Ways to Give

By Mail

Send your gift to the Bienen School of Music at the following address:
Bienen School of Music
70 Arts Circle Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-2405

By Phone

Call Northwestern University's Department of Annual Giving at 800-222-5603 and direct your gift to the Bienen School of Music.


Give to Bienen Online

“Without the merit aid I received, I would not have had access to the highest caliber professors, rigorous and rewarding musical training, and the opportunity to practice in a world-class facility.”

Brannon Cho ’17

Rogers Society

The Henry and Emma Rogers Society honors and recognizes alumni and friends who have included Northwestern in their estate plans. We are grateful to members who have designated their gifts to benefit the Bienen School.

Jeanne Maxant Blanchet
Timothy Broege
Gwen Brubaker
Michael P. Buckley and Joellen Brassfield
Raymond E. Carnes
Donald and Christine Casey
Joanne (Kriege) Cruickshank and Ian Cruickshank
Sally S. and Bernard J. Dobroski
Thomas Doran Jr.
Nancy Dussault and William Valentine Mayer
Julius and Rebecca Erlenbach
Sheran K. Fiedler
Margee Filstrup and Scott H. Filstrup
Scott G. Golinkin
A. John Holstad
William T. Hopkins
Martin J. Koldyke
David Landis and Sean Dowdall
Janet Tuggle Leigh
Kenneth D. Lowenberg
Eric A. Lutkin
Sharon Foster Martin and R. Eden Martin
Nancy L. Meendsen
William Allen Murdock
Muriel Cooney Nerad
Lynn M. Nothdurft
Charles D. O’Kieffe
Nancy P. Orbison
Catherine White O’Rourke
Doris (Nielsen) Payne
Carolyn M. Pruyne
Dr. James Daniel Redmond and Cheryl Ann Redmond
Carole M. and Jerry N. Ringer, MD
Elizabeth B. Roghair and James E. Roghair
William E. Rosner and Linda M. Rosner
Mary Ann Novak Sadilek
Patricia Schaefer
Rosemary J. Schnell
Jeannette J. Segel
Kazuko Tanaka
Mallory B. Thompson
Anne Sautebin Tomlinson
Sharon Mohrfeld Werner and Robert J. Werner
Kiki L. F. Wilson

The Lutkin Society

In 1892, on the verge of disbanding Northwestern’s music program, University leaders turned to the one man they hoped could save it: Peter Christian Lutkin. Born in Wisconsin and educated in Europe, this celebrated musician agreed to take the helm. He went on to inspire and elevate the direction of music at Northwestern for the next 36 years. What had been a program became a school in 1895, and over time the school helped set a new standard for excellence in music education and performance.

Today, amid one of the most defining eras in its history, our first dean’s vision of greatness lives on through The Lutkin Society as the Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music continues to aspire to ever-greater heights of artistic and academic excellence. The Lutkin Society represents the school’s closest friends, with membership offered to all patrons who contribute $1,000 or more in a given year.

Lutkin Society Members

We are grateful to all who have made contributions to the Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music. The following donors have given $1,000 or more from July 1, 2019, through December 31, 2020. We are grateful for all gifts in support of the Bienen School of Music, and we thank our many valued donors and friends who have given gifts of less than $1,000 during this period.

Founders Circle ($50,000 or more)

John L. Anderson ’76, ’77 MBA (’03 P)
Megan Paynter Anderson ’76 (’03 P)
Patricia J. Cunningham 
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation 
Jane Stowers Dean ’70 (’96 P) ²
Richard H. Dean ’69 (’96 P) ¹ ²
Marcia Lynn Friedl 
Craig R. Hassler ’63
Estate of Harvey A. Leva ’67 MBA ⁴
Fred C. Meendsen ³
Nancy Gross Meendsen ’57 ³
Estate of George C. Mulacek ’48 MMus ⁴
Negaunee Foundation 
Alexander Pancoe ’08, ’11
Art Pancoe ’51 MS (’13 GP) ³
Mariann Pancoe (‘08P)
Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation 
Charles E. Schroeder (’21 GP)
Elizabeth Runnette Schroeder ’59 (’21 GP)
Carole Browe Segal ’60 ³
Gordon I. Segal ’60 ¹ ³
Todd A. Smith ’73 MBA ²
Smith Family Foundation 
Betty Alexander Van Gorkom ’42 ¹ ²
Estate of C. Edouard Ward ’49, ’50 MMus ⁴

Presidents Circle ($25,000–$49,999)

Carol Rice Bowditch 
James Bowditch 
Davee Foundation 
Emily Rice Douglass ’66
Selme Finnie (’16 P)
Shaun Finnie ’95 MBA (’16 P) ²
Michelle M. Gerhard ’82
Howard L. Gottlieb (’99 GP)
Howard L. Gottlieb Foundation 
Carol Schultz Honigberg ’85 MMus ²
Joel and Carol Honigberg Fund 
Michael R. Jacobson (’13 P)
Elaine Kondelis Jaharis ’81 (’17, ’18 P)
Kathryn M. Jaharis ’83
Steven M. Jaharis (’17, ’18 P)
Jaharis Family Foundation
Rice Family Foundation 
Carole Merrick Ringer ’61, ’61 MMus ² ³
Jerry Ringer ³
Trine J. Sorensen-Jacobson (’13 P) ²
Helen Moore Thomas ³
Richard L. Thomas ¹ ³

Deans Circle ($10,000–$24,999)

Erica A. Berger 
Robert B. Berger ’56 (’84 P)
Robert B. Berger Foundation 
Gary W. Burns 
Michelle Miller Burns ’90 ²
Myung Woo Chung (’81, ’84 P)
Barbara Daly 
George G. Daly ’65 MA, ’67 PhD
Allan Richard Drebin ²
Margee Filstrup ² ³
Scott H. Filstrup ’65, ’67 MBA ² ³
Byron L. Gregory ’66, ’69 JD ³
Susan Gregory 
Elizabeth Keegan 
Dolores Kohl Education Foundation 
Dolores Kohl Kaplan ² ³
Kelly L. Kuhn ’87
Virginia C. Lauridsen ’82, ’87 MMus
Alexander I. Rorke ’75, ’75 MA ²
Elizabeth Sturgeon Rorke ²
Jeannette Junk Segel ’70 ² ³
Gail Ayres Steinmetz ’70 ³
William C. Steinmetz ’74 MBA ² ³

John Evans Circle ($5,000–$9,999)

Henry S. Bienen ’09 H (’19 GP)
Leigh Buchanan Bienen (’19 GP)
Holly McClintock Bowling 2
Russell Dagon Jr. ’61, ’61 MMus ⁶
Sandra Schubert Dagon ’62
Dean Family Foundation 
Barbara Varsik Deboer ’77 MMus, ’83 PhD
Barry Deboer 
Bernard J. Dobroski ’81 PhD ³ ⁶
Sally Seibert Dobroski ³
Colin E. Dougherty (’23 P)
Charles W. Douglas ’70 (’98, ’03 P) ¹
Diane S. Douglas (’98, ’03 P) ²
Elizabeth Edblom (’23 P)
Felicia Lynn Gerber Perlman ’92 JD (’22 P)
Sally Hagan 
Sol Jin 
Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Bertha Lebus Charitable Trust  
Thomas R. Kasdorf ’56 ⁴
Arlene Gratz Klavins ’67
Mary Crawford Mark ’73 (’08 P)
Michael S. Mark ’72, ’73 MMus (’08 P)
Kennon D. McClintock 
National Christian Foundation 
Michael A. Perlman ’00 MBA (’22 P)
Frederick Pierce 
Julia Chung Pierce ’84, ’85 MMus
Jane Arries Solomon 
Lawrence R. Solomon 
Byong Uk

Fellows ($2,500–$4,999)

Alumnae of Northwestern University 
Association of American Railroads 
Jill E. Bunney ’97
Conan J. Castle ’51, ’52 MMus
Thomas Doran Jr. ’57, ’59 MMus, ’68 DMA ³
Daniel Feldstein (’23 P)
Robert A. Hastings 
Katherine Fisher Heeren ’63
Robert G. Heeren 
Helen Clay Frick Foundation 
Michael L. Henoch ’71, ’72 MMus ⁵
Josephine Hensley 
Lester Hensley 
Arthur J. Hill 
A. John Holstad ’62 MMus, ’74 DMA ³
Frances Knutsen (’22 P)
Rick Knutsen (’22 P)
Joshua D. Krugman ’94, ’99 MMus
Julie Krugman ’94 MMus
Estate of James E. Legere ⁴
Eric A. Lutkin ³
Stacey Anne Marshall (’23 P)
Marilyn McCoy 
Oaklawn Foundation 
Justine O'Malley ’96, ’04 MBA
Gregory M. Outwater ’95
Jon K. Peck 
Frank H. Philbrick Foundation 
Presser Foundation 
Joseph R. Raviv ’96, ’01 MD, ’06 GME
Stacy M. Raviv ’10 GME
Julianne Romeo ’82
George and Arlene Rusch Memorial Foundation 
Dean H. Sayles ’60, ’60 MMus (’85 P)
Martha Stickney Sayles ’60 (’85 P)
Kingsley G. Sears Jr. ’49
Lurline Willis Sears 
Evelyn Marks Siegel ’59
Andrea Amdahl Taylor ’95 MMus
Mark Amdahl Taylor ’95 MMus
Tichio Family ²
Charles R. Thomas 
Jacalyn Thompson (’08 P)
William Thompson (’08 P)
Adair L. Waldenberg ’72
Elizabeth Craig Wells ’98
Jonathan M. Wells ’97
Connie Zyer (’08 P)
David E. Zyer ’99 MBA (’08 P)

Members ($1,000–$2,499)

Janet Aliapoulios (’85, ’90 P)
Paul Aliapoulios (’85, ’90 P) ⁶
A. Gerald Avant ’59 MBA
Ayco Charitable Foundation 
Gretchen Bataille 
Claire Bienen (’19 P)
Melanie L. Bostwick ’04
Anastasia Boucouras (’81 P)
Kathryn Smith Bowers ’70 ⁴ 
James B. Bronk ’77
Suzanne Becker Bronk 
Gwen Brubaker ’82 PhD ³
Kenneth Cahn 
Carlos A. Carbonell ’97
Carlson Family Foundation 
Harry and Helen Cohen Charitable Foundation 
Community Foundation of New Jersey 
Claib L. Cook IV ’82
Linda Tatman Crisafulli ’68, ’69 MMus
Peter P. Crisafulli ’68, ’70 MMus
Cleveland Foundation 
Joanne Kriege Cruickshank ’57, ’58 MMus ³
Chie Curley 
Robert E. Curley ’56
Jane C. Deng ’92
Michael C. Dennis ’97
Sean P. Dowdall ³
Janet Sally Dumas 
Anne Weesner Eagleton ’58
Barbara Seablom Edwards ’55
Kurt J. Ekert 
Julius E. Erlenbach ’68 MMus, ’72 PhD ³
Rebecca Jane Erlenbach ³
Gary M. Esayian (’19 P)
Evanston Community Foundation 
Sheran K. Fiedler ’74 MMus, ’82 PhD ³
Hung Fai Fong 
Alan Glen Gibson ’82
Linda Laird Giedl ’69 MMus
Jerry Borchers Glennie ’53
Scott G. Golinkin ’74, ’75 MMus ³
Bradford Graham 
Dana Graham 
Douglas Graham 
Ira E. Graham 
Leslie Graham 
Margot Graham 
Alan C. Gregory ’71
Barbara Greis ²
Kay Griffel ’60
Sheldon M. Harnick ’49, ’18 H
Estate of Donald E. Hassler ’50 ⁴
Emilee Griffin Hervey ’76, ’77 MMus
Richard L. Hervey ’74 MA
Jackie Holland 
James M. Holland ’58 MD (’86 P)
Elizabeth J. Indihar ’58 MMus
William J. James ’04
Casey B. Jenkins ’00
Randal M. Jenkins ’82 MMus
Doris J. Johnson ’55 MA/MS, ’71 PhD
Doris J. Johnson Trust 
Jeraldine Sloan Johnson ’68 MMus
Louis Kenter 
Elizabeth Torrey Knodel ’58 (’87, ’92 P)
William C. Knodel ’61 (’87, ’92 P)
Charlie Weaver Kobida 
Daniel Kobida ’63
Lawrence Kohn 
Denise Kohn-Staehli 
Sherry Henry Kujala ’85 MMus, ’90 MBA
Walfrid Eugene Kujala ⁶
David L. Landis ’78 ³
Katharine Lockwood Lang 
Ron Lang 
Gloria Ballinger Larkin ’62 (’97 P) ³
Marc D. Levy ’82
Michael Li (’22 P)
Gerrie Liaw ’00
Donald V. Lincoln ’57 ³
Deborah Tuchler Linder ’94
Jeffrey Arthur Linder ’92, ’97 MD
David Loebel ’72, ’74 MMus
Robert A. Long ’81
Sheryl Loyd Long ’81
Yinhui Lou (’22 P)
Glen I. Magee ’02
Michael C. Markovitz 
Rosemaria Martinelli ’82, ’82 MMus
Elizabeth Schlecht Murrill ’71
Stephen R. Murrill 
Bill Muster Foundation 
Donald John Nally ⁵
Wendy M. Nelson ’91, ’99 MBA ¹
Bonnie Lewis Neuenschwander ’69 ⁴
Robert Neuenschwander ’77 DMA
Neufield Association 
Nancy P. Orbison ’75, ’81 MMus ³
Taner Ozcelik ’92 MS, ’95 PhD
Rohan S. Patel ’03
Patricia Schaefer Trust 
Davin E. Peelle ’03
Jennifer Harris Peelle ’02
Linnea Marie Perelli-Minetti ’09
Nirupama Putcha ’03
Guy J. Raymaker 
Helen Jang Raymaker ’86, ’86 MBA
Jack H. Reiske ’56, ’57 MS, ’62 PhD
Elizabeth B. Roghair ³
James E. Roghair ³
Aviva Fisher Rosenberg ’00 JD
Pinchas P. Rosenberg ’97, ’01 MD
Linda Rosner (’05, ’07, ’10 P) ³
William E. Rosner ’75, ’76 MBA (’05, ’07, ’10 P) ³
Mary Ann Novak Sadilek ’61, ’62 MMus ³
Patricia Schaefer ’51 ³
Horst P. Schastok 
Sara L. Schastok 
Bela Robert Schwartz ’82 MMus
David K. Shaw ’51, ’51 MMus
Mary Anderson Shaw ’77 MMus
David A. Sheldon ’61, ’62 MMus
Shirley C. Shriver 
Allison Clouston Signorelli ’99
Stephen M. Stahl ’73, ’75 MD
James R. Stevens Jr. ’77 JD (’04 P)
Jennifer M. Stevens (’04 P)
Michael David Stodd ’85 MMus
Lorraine Marks Vitt ’44
Mary A. Voss ’58 MMus
Robert W. Waldele ’72
Avonelle Stevenson Walker ’62 MMus
Michael B. Wallace ’91
Conan Ward (’20 P)
Susan Ward (’20 P)
Janice Schroeder Weiland ’79 MBA
Jon D. Wenberg ’90, ’92 MMus
Cecil B. Wilson ’60, ’61 MMus (’90 P)
Kristina Follrath Wilson ’77 MMus ³
Mary Cummins Wilson ’61 (’90 P)
Winning Ways Foundation 
She-e Wu ⁵
Jonathan Blake Yarbrough ’06
Yajai Yodin ’92
Betty Anne Younker ’97 PhD
Ling Zhao-Markovitz ’89 MMus
Barbara Hatley Zima ’53, ’56 MMus

Northwestern Trustee
Music Advisory Board
3 Rogers Society
4 Deceased
5 Current Bienen School Faculty
6 Emeriti Bienen School Faculty


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