Undergraduate Auditions

Step-by-step instructions for applying to and auditioning for the Bienen School of Music are outlined below.

1. Submit the Bienen School Supplement

In most cases, a performance audition is required.* 

*NOTE: Bachelor of Arts and Music Composition programs do not have an audition component, but applicants must submit music materials via the Bienen School Supplement following the deadlines listed on our Application & Timeline page.

Start Your Bienen School Supplement

Important Audition Dates

Registration Rule
November 15
Deadline to submit Early Decision recorded auditions
November 22
Early Decision auditions must be completed by
February 8-18
Regular Decision auditions
February 15
Deadline to submit Regular Decision recorded auditions

Regular Decision round composition applicants have until February 1, 2023 to upload their required portfolio. However, if an applicant wishes to apply to both the composition program and to a performance major, they should submit a second supplement with the necessary performance major prescreening (if applicable) requirements.

Applicants auditioning by recording do not receive prescreening decisions; applicants will only receive a final admission decision. 

2. Prepare for Your Audition 

See Audition Requirements


We recommend starting early by taking the audition requirements to your music teacher. Prepare for your audition by bringing musical selections that best showcase what you do well.  It is better to beautifully perform a piece that requires moderate skill, as opposed to giving a mediocre performance of a very difficult piece.

It is not necessary to produce prescreening recordings and final audition recordings in a professional studio. The most important aspect is that the sound quality of your recording is excellent, so find a good microphone and play your recording for multiple people before you submit it.


Please see your program's individual Audition & Program Requirements page for information about accompaniment requirements. 

3. Audition

The Bienen School of Music will offer on-campus auditions for fall 2023 admission. This modality is subject to change based on the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic. For those unable to audition on campus, all instrument areas will offer some sort of virtual audition format such as a Zoom audition or recorded audition option. Check your instrument's prescreening and audition requirements page for more details.

Early Decision and QuestBridge auditions are held on an ad-hoc basis during the month of November. Regular Decision auditions will be held February 8-18, 2023.

COVID-19 Policies for On-campus Auditions

NOTE: These policies will be updated for fall 2023 admission in fall 2022.


The Bienen School requires that all visitors to our buildings adhere to the following policies and guidelines to participate in an on-campus audition:

  • All visitors must present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of the visit in order to participate. You will be asked to provide documentation when you check in for your audition at the Office of Music Admission. Do not send this documentation in advance.
  • Visitors who neglect to bring documentation of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours have the option of completing a rapid COVID-19 test on campus at the Jacobs Center, located at 2001 Sheridan Road. Those who take advantage of this option will need to complete this test and share results in order to be eligible to have an in-person audition. Please allow at least two hours for this process as we cannot guarantee a short wait for a rapid test. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the cancellation of the in-person audition.
  • All visitors must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while inside all buildings. If you do not bring a mask, they will be available at the entrance of the Ryan Center for the Musical Arts. Mask usage during the audition is encouraged if it is possible given the instrument.
  • A student may be accompanied in our buildings by up to two guests. However, guests may not enter the audition room with the student but must also wear masks, regardless of vaccine status.
  • Students and guests must follow all University guidelines.
  • Visiting students and/or guest(s) who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 must notify the faculty member and cancel the in-person audition. For a full list of symptoms, please see the University's health monitoring page.
  • Visiting students and/or guests who do not follow safety guidelines and policies or faculty/staff instructions will be asked to leave.
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Prepare for your audition

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