DMA Coursework

Music Studies Core 

There are two core courses required for all DMA students. Students must enroll in these courses during their first year of study. 

  • MUSIC 540 Doctoral Music Research, fall quarter 
  • MUSICOL 400 Graduate Review of History, winter quarter 

Music Studies Electives – Theory Elective 

DMA students are required to complete one Music Theory course of their choosing at the 300 level or above as part of their Music Studies Electives. 

Music Studies Cognate 

DMA students may earn a Music Studies Cognate, or specialty, in Music Composition and Technology, Music Education, Music Theory, and/or Musicology. To earn a cognate, students must take four courses in the same area at the 300 level or above during the two years of coursework. The cognate is designated on the final transcript. 

Counting Courses 

Students may count the 4 units of required Music Studies Electives toward cognates and the Music Theory Qualifying Exam Waiver. 

Students may not count the 4 units of required Music Studies Electives toward the 3 units of Music Studies Electives required for the Extra Coursework Final Project. Students who select the Extra Coursework Final Project must complete 7 units of Music Studies Electives.