Nonmajors Summer Classes 2019

GEN MUS 170-0-1

Introduction to Music
Instructor: Kyle Kaplan
6-week session, June 24 – August 4
MW, 1:00-3:30 p.m.
RCMA 1-160

This course develops listening skills and critical vocabulary in order to refine the ways we write and talk about music. To introduce these methods, we will encounter canonical works of 19th-century art music alongside examples from today’s musical landscape. Comparing these two periods, we will explore the affective and technical challenges of describing music and consider the continuing legacy of Romantic musical aesthetics. Class time will be spent discussing assigned listening and readings, listening as a group, and practicing oral and written description skills.  The course is designed for students who have no prior musical training.
Distribution credit: VI. Literature and Fine Arts
Class materials (required): Course packet of readings for purchase.

GEN MUS 250-0-1

History of Rock
Instructor: Craig Davis Pinson
6-week session, June 24 – August 4
TTh, 1:00-3:30 p.m.
RCMA 1-160

This course will introduce students to a framework for critical engagement with the cultural practices of rock, primarily focusing on the 1950s to the present. A broad chronological survey of musical and historical developments will undergird an ongoing discussion of interrelated economic, social, and political issues. What is rock, and how do people participate in it? What are its musical and lyrical elements, and what relation do they have to its visual components? What are the usual historical narratives about rock, and what myths do they perpetuate? What are rock's modes of production and consumption, of marketing, management, and labor? How is it connected to cultural identities along lines of race, gender, class, and sexuality? We will trace attempted answers to these questions as they change according to historical moment and location. With an emphasis on close listening to a variety of musical examples, students will be required to write listening and reading journals, compose an analytical essay, and take midterm and final exams based on listening and key concepts. Students at any level of musical background are welcome. 

Distribution credit: VI. Literature and Fine Arts
Class materials (required): No materials required for purchase.  Assigned readings will be available as PDFs on CANVAS.