Music and Communication

Available Degrees

Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Science in Communication
Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Music/Bachelor of Science in Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Music/Bachelor of Arts in Communication


Northwestern offers the opportunity to earn in five years both a bachelor of music or bachelor of arts in music degree from the Bienen School of Music and a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree from the School of Communication. Students may select any of the School of Communication’s six majors and any of the available programs in music.

To be considered a candidate for the dual degree program, a student must apply for and be admitted to both schools. Students typically apply for admission to this program during the regular application process prior to matriculation. To apply after arriving at Northwestern, students should contact either the assistant dean for student affairs in the Bienen School and/or the director of advising in the School of Communication for application procedures.

In addition to the Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR), students must complete all School of Communication degree requirements as well as all Bienen School degree requirements. Curricular programs are developed after students arrive on campus, and students work closely with academic advisers from both schools to develop an individual curricular program. Each school enforces all of its policies regarding requirements. Most students follow a balanced curriculum in which about half of the coursework each quarter is done in each school.

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