Degree Requirements

Master of Music: Music Theory

Diagnostic Evaluation

Diagnostic exam in Music Theory/Analysis, plus a personal interview. All Master of Music students are required to take the music theory diagnostic test during orientation. Those who do not take or do not pass this test are required to take Music Theory 401, “Grad Review of Theory” as a graduation requirement. Coursework recommendations will be based on exam results, prior transcripts, and according to individual background and future goals.

Sample Course Plan

Always check with the Program Coordinator for program requirements.

Year 1




Renaissance Counterpoint (316)

Theory/Analysis course

Baroque Counterpoint (318)

Theory/Analysis course

Theory/Analysis course

Theory/Analysis course

Music Cognition (451)

Correlative Studies course

Correlative Studies course



Masters Project (485)

Program of Study (12 units)

Music theory and analysis, 300-level and above (4 units)

Counterpoint (2 units)

MUS THRY 316 Renaissance Counterpoint (1unit)
MUS THRY 318 Baroque Counterpoint (1 unit)

Correlative Studies (3 units)

MUS THRY 451 Music Cognition (1 unit)
Music Technology (1 unit)
Musicology (1 unit)

Masters Project (1 unit)


Electives, 300-level or above (2 units)

Terminal Requirement

The terminal requirement for the MM in Music Theory is the Master's Project, a scholarly paper of moderate length, to be presented orally before the theory faculty and students. Master's students should determine who their faculty sponsor will be for their Master’s project by mid-winter quarter (February). Master's students typically register for MUS THRY 485 during the final quarter of study. Like an independent study, the Master's Project requires a faculty sponsor who is responsible for submitting a grade for the project. If the paper is not finished by the end of the quarter in which the student is registered for this course, the student will receive an incomplete grade. In order to graduate, the student must receive a passing grade.

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