Degree Requirements

Master of Music: Music Education - Instrumental Certification Track

This program is intended for applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree in music but who do not have teaching certification. Completion of requirements comprises two full years of study during the academic year. Graduates of this program will meet all requirements for teacher certification in Illinois.

Program of Study (18-24 units)

All requirements for the MM in Music Education include the following core requirements, one of the three certification tracks (choral music, instrumental music, general music), and the professional education requirements.

Core Requirements

Core area (3 units)

MUSIC ED 421 Philosophical Basis of Music Education
MUSIC ED 422 Curriculum Development in Music Education
MUSIC ED 423 Paradigms and Processes of Research in Music Education

Music education core courses required by all certification tracks (4-5 units)

(student teaching will be scheduled for at least one full quarter of placement in area schools)
MUSIC ED 361 Teaching General Music I (1 unit)
MUSIC ED 364 Teaching Instrumental Music I (1 unit)
MUSIC ED 366 Teaching Choral Music I (1 unit)
MUSIC ED 380 Student Teaching (3-4 units)
MUSIC ED 390 Student Teaching Colloquium (0 unit)

Performance Ensemble

Students must enroll in a major or faculty-directed ensemble for 3 quarters. Chamber music does not fulfill this requirement. Ensemble credit does not count towards the 18 units required for graduation. See Performing Ensembles

Instrumental Music Certification Track

Courses required for the instrumental music certification track (7 units)

MUSIC ED 233 Woodwinds Class (0.5 units)
MUSIC ED 234 Double Reeds Class (0.5 units)
MUSIC ED 235 High Brass Class (0.5 units)
MUSIC ED 236 Low Brass Class (0.5 units)
MUSIC ED 237 String Class I (0.5 units)
MUSIC ED 238 String Class II (0.5 units)
MUSIC ED 239 Percussion Class (0.5 units)
CONDUCT 340 Advanced Conducting (1 unit)
MUSIC ED 362 Teaching General Music II or 368 Teaching Composition in the Schools (1 unit)
MUSIC ED 364 Teaching Instrumental Music II (1 unit)

Music Education Rehearsal Practicum (4 registrations required)

MUSIC ED 314 (4 registrations)
Enrollment must be in same quarters as MUSIC ED 361-368

Professional Education Requirements

Professional education certification requirements (3 units)

SESP 201: Child/Adol Dev OR PSYCH 218: Dev Psych OR MSED 405
TEACH ED 322: Teaching Reading in the Content Area
MUSIC ED 427 Teaching Music to Exceptional Students

Certification students in music education must also consult with the certification officer in the School of Education and Social Policy to review undergraduate general education requirements for all teacher candidates.

Non-registration requirements

In addition, all certification students must complete the following: 10 hours of observation in Chicago Pubic Schools and 10 hours of observation in special education contexts, Illinois Basic Skills test and Illinois Content Area Test #143 (K-12 Music), completion of the Health & Safety module through the Music Education program Canvas page, and Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA).

edTPA is a teacher performance assessment required of all pre-service teacher candidates in Illinois in order to receive licensure. Videotaped classroom lessons must be submitted as part of edTPA. Starting in fall 2016, candidates registered for the practicum and student teaching will be assessed a $360 fee that covers the $300 edTPA registration fee and $120 for video-related hardware and software. Students will receive an edTPA registration waiver, and an Edthena video annotation log-in.

Terminal Requirements

A teaching demonstration exhibiting ability to apply course knowledge in an individually designed and managed effort with faculty guidance, and a comprehensive oral exam that includes presentation of the student's portfolio.

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