AP and IB Credit Recognition

Eligible Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores may be used toward a bachelor’s degree.

The type and level of test credit awarded is standardized across the undergraduate schools, though each school has separate rules regarding the use of test credit to fulfill degree requirements. For information on test score requirements and course equivalents, please see the credit recognition tables at the link below:

AP/IB Test Score Requirements and Course Equivalents

How AP/IB Credits Fulfill Specific Requirements:

  • Dual degree students: Use the AP/IB credit guidelines of the non-music school.
  • Students pursuing one degree in Bienen only: There are no limits on the number of AP/IB credits that may be used toward non-music requirements.

A score of 5 on AP Music Theory will result in one unit of GEN MUS 252 on the transcript, but will not automatically count toward the music theory requirement for the music degree.