Changing Majors or Programs

Inter-School Transfer (IST)

Students who wish to transfer into the Bienen School or add on a music major must apply and, if applicable to their desired program, complete a performance audition. Some programs require a portfolio submission instead of an audition; applicants applying to these programs must submit all portfolio materials by the deadlines listed below. 

2023/24 IST deadlines

Fall 2023: October 13, 2023, 12 PM 
Winter 2024: January 26, 2024, 12 PM (auditions take place between February 9-18, 2024) 
Spring 2024: March 26, 2024, 12 PM 

Transfers into the Bienen School of Music

Transfers out of the Bienen School of Music

Adding a Dual Degree with the Bienen School from another school

Dual Degree programs allow students to complete two bachelor’s degrees during their time at Northwestern. To apply as a non-Bienen student, follow the instructions (listed above) to transfer INTO the Bienen School. However, be sure to indicate in the online application that you wish to ADD a Dual Degree with music, instead of transferring OUT of your current school. We recommend that you meet with an advisor in your current school before submitting the online application, to discuss the ramifications of adding a second degree. The Dual Degree typically takes five years to complete. The Bienen School of Music’s Assistant Dean for Student Affairs can help you draft a tentative five-year plan before you decide to apply.

Adding/Dropping a Dual Degree with another school

Please see instruction page on the Registrar’s Office website, which includes a link to the online request form.

Changing or Adding Majors within the Bienen School of Music

Students interested in changing their specialization to one of the majors offered in the Department of Music Studies (or adding a major in this department) should complete the Music Studies Major Declaration form. Students majoring in Music Studies wishing to change to a performance major should consult first with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

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