Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all sessions of courses and ensembles for which they are registered.

It is the responsibility of students enrolled in the Bienen School of Music to acquaint themselves and comply with the attendance policy of their departments, class instructors, and ensemble conductors. When one-time conflicts arise with a scheduled course or rehearsal, the student’s attendance obligation for the scheduled course or rehearsal still stands.

Students are welcome to work with professors on finding solutions to any schedule conflicts, however, the professor of the scheduled class has the right to uphold the attendance policy listed on the course syllabus. For exceptional circumstances, contact the Office of Student Affairs,

Final Exams

Students must arrange their schedules to avoid final exam conflicts. Instructors are not obligated to make special arrangements for students with scheduling conflicts of any kind. Students are expected to attend their final exams as scheduled by the university registrar; see the Final Exam Schedule on CAESAR.

Exam deficiencies must be made up within one academic year or credit is forfeited and grade will result in an F.

Professional Performance Opportunities

Outside professional opportunities may arise for music students. If such an opportunity directly interferes in any way with curricular responsibilities, students must first request permission from the faculty of record for courses potentially affected, including classes, opera or ensemble rehearsals and performances, etc., along with the signature of approval from the program coordinator, and an approval signature from one of the co-chairs of the Music Performance department. Students are required to complete an absence request form:

Outside Professional Opportunities Absence Request