Piano Program Information


Piano students perform for the faculty on average two times each year in either a jury or recital permission. The piano jury includes no fewer than three members of the piano faculty, including the student's teacher. Special arrangements should be made in cases where the student’s teacher cannot be present. Students should consult with their studio teacher regarding specific repertoire and technique requirements for each jury.

Jury Procedures

  1. Sign-up sheets with specific jury dates and times are posted on the piano bulletin board in advance of juries.
  2. Students should consult with their performance teacher concerning specific jury requirements.
  3. Students are excused from presenting a jury during the quarter in which they have performed or will perform a solo recital.

At least three members of the piano faculty will be present at the juries. Each will give a numerical grade that adheres to the system outlined below. All grades are submitted to the private instructor who will average them and assign the final grade according to the following guidelines:

  • 50% jury grade average
  • 50% lesson grade. This will be determined by the instructor based on preparation, performances, attendance and participation at studio class.

Piano Special Awards and Competitions

Thaviu/Isaak Endowed Scholarship for Piano Performance
Pauline Lindsey Award

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