Submit Your Program

The Concert Management Office provides program design and printing services to Bienen students.

Recital Program Form

Recital Program & Web Copy Form (electronic)

Recital repertoire is chosen at the discretion of the student and applied professor; however, personnel limitations and other factors—such as available equipment—should also be considered. Students attest when submitting their program details that their applied professor has viewed and approved the entire program.

Program Information

Students will be asked to provide the following details for each piece—in program order—when submitting their repertoire:

  • Title of the selection to be performed; if the selection is extracted from a larger work (such as an aria from an opera), then the complete source work should be listed
  • The catalogue number of the selection (e.g., Op. 92, K. 331, BWV 1003), if applicable
  • Movements (or songs) to be performed from the larger source work, with appropriate number and title descriptions
  • Transcriber or arranger, if applicable
  • Composer's full name and years of birth and death
  • Accompanist and other assisting personnel
  • Approximate duration of piece

Web Calendar

Upon approval of contract materials and program copy by the posted deadline, student recitals will be added to the Bienen School's Concerts & Events Calendar. Repertoire will be listed on the event page, so ALL students are asked to complete the Recital Program & Web Copy Form, even if they plan to design and produce their own programs.