Locker Check-Out Policies

The Bienen School provides instrument lockers and personal lockers for the use of its students.  All lockers must be checked out through the Faculty Support Center in RCMA 2-000.

To check out a locker:

Visit RCMA 2-000 (Faculty Support Center) during business hours:

  • From August 13-September 28, locker check-out hours are 10-11 a.m. and 3:30-4:30 p.m. Mon-Fri.
  • Beginning Oct. 1, lockers can be checked out at any time during business hours.


  • Your WildCARD


  • All personal lockers (REG 259) require a student-provided padlock. Instrument lockers in REG 063/069/107 and RCMA LL-131/LL-135 have University-provided padlocks to which students receive a key. Lost keys will incur a replacement/rekey fee of $50

Who can check out a locker?

Lockers are available only to students currently pursuing a music major in the Bienen School of Music. Due to limited availability, students may check out only one locker, unless there is a demonstrated need for multiple lockers (e.g. multiple instruments which do not fit an available locker). Lockers are assigned based on instrument type.

Instrument Lockers may be checked out by:

  • Any Bienen performance major needing to store one or more personal or school-owned instruments needed by or related to their studies.

  • Any other Bienen major needing to store instruments which are used for Bienen courses or ensembles (must be registered).

Personal Lockers may be checked out by:

  • Any Bienen major.

  • Preference is given to those students who are not eligible for instrument lockers.

Prior to Oct. 2, personal lockers may only be checked out by non-performance majors, and by those performance majors ineligible for instrument lockers (e.g. voice, piano). Beginning Oct. 2, personal lockers are available to all Bienen majors depending on availability.

Special requests for locker checkout from majors & non-majors not meeting the above criteria will be considered. Visit RCMA 2-000 or email