Program Requirements

Master of Music: Music Education (1 year)

Prescreening materials required.

Fall 2024 Interview Formats:

All applicants are asked to interview on campus. Virtual interviews will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants should wait to receive their prescreening results before contacting the Office of Music Admission about virtual interview options.

Fall 2024 Interview Dates:

February 13 & 19

For Prescreening:

  • A résumé in your online application is required, and it should reflect your professional accomplishments to date, including music teacher certification (or the equivalent) and evidence of teaching experience.
  • Submit a video recording that demonstrates your teaching ability and musicianship. You may want to submit a sample of several representative clips of your teaching, totaling no more than 30 minutes. During at least one of these teaching episodes, demonstrate your musicianship by using your primary instrument or voice to model for students. This musical example should be lengthy and demonstrate the quality of your musicianship. Attach a brief description of the setting and your goals for each teaching episode.
  • Two letters of recommendation in your online application are required. We recommend letters from school principals, superintendents, music supervisors, advisors, or other teaching professionals who have directly observed your work with students.
  • As evidence of your scholarly writing ability, write an essay on one of the following topics and answer thoroughly in three to four double-spaced pages:
  1. What characteristic of today’s music education programs do you find to be the most compelling and successful? Where do you see the greatest need for change or innovation? Please be specific and defend your choices in terms of the larger curricular goals of providing access and opportunity for students at all levels.
  2. As a current or future music educator, what long-range goals do you have for students in your music program or classes? What should a student in your program know and be able to do before they move to the next level? How do the goals differ for students with different levels of engagement in music? Support each of your goals with rationale for your choices.
  3. What is the purpose of research in music education? Describe one area of research that is of interest to you. Describe the research and the reasons for your interest in it. How might this research change the way we teach music or think about music teaching and learning?

If your prescreening materials are reviewed favorably, you will be contacted by the Office of Music Admission to set up an interview with a member of the Music Education faculty. A final interview is required.

Other Degrees

Master of Music: Music Education (2 year w/certification)
Bachelor of Music: Music Education