Audition & Program Requirements

Bachelor of Music: Music Education

All Music Education applicants must submit prescreening materials (if required for the applicant's instrument) and complete a performance audition on their primary instrument. Prescreening and audition repertoire requirements may be found here (select your instrument from the list).

Fall 2023 Audition Formats:

Music Education applicants will have the option to complete their music education audition on campus or live on Zoom. Please note that all music education applicants must ALSO complete an audition for their instrument's performance faculty. Select your instrument from this list to learn about the performance faculty's audition format options. 

Music education applicants ALSO will have a separate music education audition consisting of the following four components:

  • Sight‐singing diagnostic*: sing simple melodies at sight.
  • Keyboard diagnostic*: sight-read simple piano excerpts.
  • An interview consisting of questions relevant to your interests in music teaching and learning among children and adolescents.
  • Performance of a prepared piece on your major instrument, chosen from your audition repertoire**.

*The diagnostic exams are just to help determine what your entry level skills are in these areas.

**All Music Education applicants must prepare the full prescreening (if applicable) and audition repertoire requirements for their primary instrument. 


Other Degrees

Master of Music: Music Education (1 year)
Master of Music: Music Education (2 year w/certification)