Audition & Program Requirements

Master of Music: Percussion

Prescreening required. 

Audition unaccompanied.

Please note: The Bienen School of Music appreciates and is sensitive to the special challenges that percussion applicants face this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to emphasize that our approach to evaluating prescreening will be flexible, equitable, and responsive to the current climate. Please use as many instruments as are available to you, but know that no applicant will be penalized due to lack of access to instruments. 

For Prescreening and Final Audition:

Both prescreening and final audition will ideally include selections for: snare drum, timpani, keyboard percussion, and tambourine, and MUST include both solo repertoire AND orchestral excerpts. Sight-reading is required at the final audition.

Snare Drum
•    Two contrasting orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire
•    One orchestral snare drum étude
•    One rudimental snare drum étude by Pratt or Wilcoxin

•    Two orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire

•    Two orchestral excerpts from the standard repertoire

NOTE: Listed repertoire is not required; pieces of similar difficulty will be accepted.

  • One 4-mallet piece in contemporary style

Suggested 4-mallet pieces:

  • Sueyoshi, Mirage
  • Schwantner, Velocities
  • Stout,  Sedimental Structures
  • Thomas, Merlin (2nd movement)
  • Lansky, Three Moves (3rd movement: Slide)
  • Miyoshi, Ripple

•    One orchestral excerpt from the standard repertoire

Other Degrees

Bachelor of Music: Percussion