Program Requirements

Bachelor of Music: Percussion

No prescreening round; audition unaccompanied.

Fall 2024 Audition Dates:

Early Decision: November 15 ||| Regular Decision: February 16 & 18

Fall 2024 Audition Formats:

All applicants whose program requires an audition are asked to audition on campus. Virtual auditions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For Final Audition:

The audition should include snare drum, timpani, and keyboard percussion. Sight-reading during the live audition may be required.

Suggested Repertoire:

NOTE: Listed repertoire is not required; any piece of similar difficulty will be accepted.

Snare Drum
•    One orchestral snare drum étude, such as:
o    Delécluse 12 Études
o    Peters Advanced Studies for Snare Drum 
•    One rudimental piece by Pratt, Wilcoxon, or other studies

•    One timpani solo, such as:
o    Two-drum or Three-drum Étude by Hochrainer
o    Solo/étude by Duncan Patton or Nick Woud

Keyboard Percussion (2 and 4 mallets)
•    One 2-mallet piece on marimba or xylophone, such as:
o    Bach, any fast movement from Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin
o    Creston, Concertino for Marimba (1st or 3rd movement) 
o    Musser,  A-flat étude 
o    Kreisler, Tambourin Chinois  
o    Any xylophone rag

•    One 4-mallet piece on marimba, such as:
o    Tanaka, Two Movements for Marimba (1st movement)
o    Burritt, October Night (2nd movement)
o    Stout, Astral Dance or Mexican Dance (2nd movement) 
o    Sammut, Caméléon 
o    Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water (2nd or 6th movement)
o    Schuller, Marimbology (4th movement)