Audition & Program Requirements

Master of Music: Harp

No prescreening; audition unaccompanied.

For Final Audition:

  • One movement of a concerto, such as Debussy, Ginastera, Mozart, Ravel, Reinecke, etc.
  • A solo work for harp,  such as:
    • Britten, Suite for Harp
    • Fauré, Impromptu
    • Grandjany, Rhapsodie
    • Hindemith, Sonata

NOTE: Cuts are allowed for both your concerto movement and solo work, and these two selections should not total more than 12 minutes.  

  • Two orchestral excerpts from Principal Harp Volume 1 or 2 by Sarah Bullen

Other Degrees

Bachelor of Music: Harp