Teaching Resources

Northwestern recommends using Canvas to manage teaching-related materials, announcements, and discussions. Zoom, which is integrated into Canvas, is the preferred method for video interactions (e.g., live classes, meetings, one-on-one teaching, etc.), sharing presentations, and recording lectures, which can be stored online and made available for download from Canvas.

Below are a few resources that faculty may find useful:


Remote Teaching and Learning Guidance (Northwestern Digital Learning)
Keep Teaching (Northwestern Digital Learning)
Example Canvas classes (Canvas)
Getting started with Canvas (Canvas)
Zoom Learning Center (Canvas)
Teaching & Learning Technologies: Workshops (Eventbrite)

Guidelines for Recording Individual Student Lessons

Instructors can determine whether or not they would like to record class sessions or portions of class sessions. Generally, students are prohibited from recording class sessions and are also prohibited from the distribution of class recordings. (See Guidelines for Recording Synchronous Remote Class Content.) However, Bienen School instructors and students may record lessons, as such recordings are legitimate teaching tools. Use of these recordings is restricted for educational use only; copyright still applies.