Skrowaczewski - Music for Winds

January 27, 2023

The Symphonic Wind Ensemble performs Stanislaw Skrowaczewski's Music for Winds (2009), conducted by Mallory Thompson. 

(00:16) Misterioso
(06:18) Aria
(12:32) Presto Tenebroso
(16:37) Molto Allegro

Program Notes

In reference to his Music for Winds, Skrowczewski writes the following:

“The repertoire for the instruments is rather scarce, compared to the repertoire for strings. I added three saxophones, of which two are less common and less often played, soprano and baritone saxophone. They enrich the wind section by extending the possibilities of sound quality. And to that I brought in percussion, very gently along with piano, celesta, and harp.

“The work has four movements, which continue from one to the next without pause. There is a primary theme played at the beginning by clarinet and celesta and this weaves itself through all four movements, either in its original form or slightly modified. The listener may find the character or tone of the piece to be sad, mysterious, or even tragic. This could be my own reaction to the state of our world, in which great art is slowly disappearing and being replaced by superficial semi-culture.”

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