Admission Requirements

PhD in Music: Music Education

Please submit everything required by The Graduate School plus the following:

  • Three letters of recommendation that address your teaching experience, musicianship, and suitability for graduate study.
  • Submit a video recording that demonstrates your teaching ability and musicianship. Recognizing that it may not be possible to acquire current video of classroom/rehearsal teaching due to COVID-19-related school measures, your video may include older teaching examples (including student teaching), private lesson teaching, or teaching/rehearsal segments videoed as part of a course or professional workshop. You may want to submit a sample of several representative clips of your teaching, totaling no more than 30 minutes. During at least one of these teaching episodes, demonstrate your musicianship by using your primary instrument or voice to model for students. This musical example should be lengthy and demonstrate the quality of your musicianship. Attach a brief description of the setting and your goals for each teaching episode.
  • Example of scholarly writing. This could be something from a previous writing project (e.g. MA thesis or research paper).
  • An essay discussing the following: Of the issues, problems, and trends currently discussed in the field of music education:
    • Which do you think are the most important issues for the future? 
    • How do you envision becoming involved in leadership activities that address these issues?
    • How will your study here enhance your goals toward leadership and research in music education?

Paper requirements: no more than six typed pages; one inch margins; double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman preferred.

Additional Requirements for all PhD in Music Applicants:

All applicants to the PhD program must apply to The Graduate School at Northwestern University. 

Do not submit an application to the Bienen School of Music.

The Graduate School application may not accommodate large video/file uploads. If you are unable to upload a video file or large document, please contact the Office of Music Admission and Financial Aid for assistance: or 847-491-3141

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