Audition & Program Requirements

Master of Music: Saxophone

Prescreening required; must be video recording. Prescreening may or may not include accompaniment, at the discretion of the applicant.

Updated 12/23/20 with final audition video repertoire requirements

For Prescreening:

  • Two contrasting études by Bozza, Lacour, Koechlin, Karg-Elert, Ferling, or other études of similar difficulty
  • Two complete solo works of contrasting styles, including at least one work from the standard repertoire. 

For Final Audition*:

*All final fall 2021 saxophone auditions must be entirely prerecorded with video. A live Zoom audition round in February 2021 will consist primarily of an interview with Professor Taimur Sullivan. Please have your instrument and audition music accessible as we may involve some playing or instruction during this time.

Repertoire requirements for prerecorded audition videos:

  • Scales:
    • Eb Major, slurred, full range, two times without pause. 
    • F# Major, slur-four/tongue-four, two times without pause.
    • Ab harmonic minor, slur-two/tongue-two, full range, two times without pause. 
    • Chromatic scale full range (low Bb to high F#), once.
    • F Major in thirds, slurred, once.
    • B Major in thirds, slurred, once.
    • D Major in fourths, slurred, once.
    • C# Major in fourths, slurred, once.
  • Two contrasting études (one lyrical, one technical). These should NOT be the same études used in your prescreening video.
  • Three complete works. One should be from the standard repertoire, and one should be from the contemporary repertoire. These may be the same or different selections from your prescreen video. Piano accompaniment not required.
  • Optional: If you have a background in jazz that you would like to demonstrate, you may upload  jazz selections such as a transcription and/or improvisation (with play-along tracks).

Other Degrees

Bachelor of Music: Saxophone