Program Requirements

Master of Music: Jazz Studies (All Instruments)

Prescreening required; must be video recording. If the applicant is unable to record prescreening with live musicians, please feel free to use the backing tracks linked below OR utilize backing tracks of your choice.    

Fall 2025 Audition Dates:


For Prescreening and Final Audition:

  • Trumpet, saxophone, and trombone players will perform with piano (or guitar), bass, and drums.

  • Guitarists will perform with piano, bass, and drums.

  • Pianists will perform with bass and drums.

  • Bassists will perform with piano (or guitar) and drums.

  • Drummers will perform with piano (or guitar) and bass.

Choose one song from each of the categories and be prepared to perform the song’s melody. Rhythm section instruments should demonstrate the ability to accompany a soloist.

All songs are listed in concert key:



  • Charlie Parker, Chi Chi, Ab Major, approx. quarter note = 190
  • John Coltrane, Mr. Day, Gb Major, approx. quarter note = 220
  • Charlie Parker, Cheryl, C Major, approx. quarter note = 180



Drummers only

In addition to the selections listed above, drummers should prepare the following grooves:

  • Afro-Cuban 6/8 groove

  • Shuffle groove with backbeat

  • Swing groove with brushes (slow, medium, and fast)

  • Swing groove with sticks (slow, medium, and fast)