Audition & Program Requirements

Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance

Prescreening required; must be video recording.

Fall 2023 Audition Date: 

February 12, 2023 

For Prescreening:

  • The applicant must submit their prescreening online, and it must contain 45 to 60 minutes of music representing different styles and historical periods. Repertoire can be divided out into separate videos if desired.
  • Respond to the following short essay questions in the Graduate Application:
    • In what ways does Romantic music depart from the music of the Classical period, and in what ways does it represent continuity? 
    • What musical experience has had the most profound effect on you and why? 

If reviewed favorably, the applicant will be invited to a final audition round.

For Final Audition:

If invited to the final audition round, the applicant will perform for and interview with a music faculty jury. Candidates are expected to prepare 60 minutes of music appropriate for the doctoral level. Selections should represent various styles and historical periods. The audition will last approximately 30 minutes. Candidates will be required to submit their audition repertoire in advance. 

Other Degrees

Master of Music: Piano Performance