Relevance in Contemporary Choral Music

June 15, 2021

Donald Nally, John W. Beattie Chair of Music and Director of Choral Organizations, discusses the intersection of his work with his Grammy-Award winning ensemble, The Crossing, and the choirs of the Bienen School of Music. The presentation explores Donald's processes and experiences of commissioning and premiering over 125 choral works, many of which address issues of social justice through text and music. He also discusses how his choirs consistently address presentation and purpose of choral art in 2021, why audiences are increasing for new choral music, and what The New York Times meant in its headline about The Crossing: "America's Most Astonishing Choir Hates Sounding Pretty."

About the Presenter

Donald Nally collaborates with creative artists, leading orchestras, and art museums to make new works for choir that address social and environmental issues. He has commissioned over 120 works and, with his ensemble The Crossing, has produced over twenty recordings. Donald and The Crossing have been nominated for five Grammy awards, winning Best Choral Performance in 2018 and 2019.

This event was presented by the Northwestern Alumni Association.

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