New Music Performance Showcase, Winter 2021

March 12, 2021

A collection of new works, performed by Bienen School students, come together in this showcase video. Ben Bolter, associate director of the Institute for New Music, provides an introduction.

0:53 Alissa Voth, Klokken (2021)
Charles Lilley, alto saxophone

7:44 José-Luis Hurtado, The Untitled 1b+ (2021)
Ben Roidl-Ward, bassoon

14:12 Helen Feng, Dark Night: Four Miniatures for Solo Piano
Helen Feng, piano

19:46 Frank Zappa, The Black Page #1 (1978) piano cover
Helen Feng, piano

22:16 Zachary Good, add dye: FOR JUNG (2018)
Zachary Good, clarinet

28:35 Logan Smith, “What if you had stayed?” (2018)
Dario Amador-Lage, baritone

33:33 Avner Dorman, Three Etudes (2012)
    I. Snakes and Ladders
    II. Funeral March
    III. Sundrops Over Windy Water
Chen-Shen Fan, piano

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