Northwestern University Jazz Orchestra: Portraits, Part 1

May 1, 2020

A May 1, 2020 remote concert recorded by the Northwestern University Jazz Orchestra, under the direction of Victor Goines. The selections, composed by jazz studies students, are inspired by famous women from throughout history.

(00:11) Amelia Earhart – “Storm Eyes” by Albert Kuo
(05:27) Cleopatra VII – “The Last Pharoah” by Shanth Gopalswamy
(11:51) Saint Teresa of Calcutta – “Peace Be With You” by Joe Nedder
(17:15) Florence Nightingale – “Florence” by Clay Eshelman
(22:00) Jacqueline Kahanoff – “Where the Sun Rises” by Emma Blau
(26:07) Marie Curie – “Inner Radiance” by Darsan Swaroop Bellie
(33:00) Bessie Coleman – “Queen Bess” by Jesse Lear

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