"Così fan tutte" Workshop Presentation

March 12, 2021

With social distancing guidelines in place, Bienen Voice and Opera program students were able to make music together in Northwestern's Cahn Auditorium. With its rich, multilayered, complex ensemble pieces, Mozart's "Così fan tutte" offered the perfect opportunity for in-person collaboration. In this presentation (recorded via Zoom), the performers and Director of Opera Joachim Schamberger discuss their experience and share recordings of their work.

Act I

(00:05:32) Scene 1 “The Bet”
(00:15:17) Scene 2 “Sisters’ Happiness”
(00:21:16) Scene 3 “Bad News”
(00:24:50) Scene 4 “The Farewell”
(00:31:42) Scene 5 “Guys Gone”
(00:35:30) Scene 6 “The Introduction”
(00:43:14) Scene 7 “Laughter” 
(00:44:54) Scene 8 “The Poison”

Act II        

(01:04:32) Scene 9 “The Choice” 
(01:10:48) Scene 10 “The Set-up”
(01:15:37) Scene 11 “The Heart”
(01:21:39) Scene 12 “Cosi fan tutte”
(01:23:54) Scene 13 “The Wedding”

(01:43:02) Q&A

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