Black Composer Showcase: Harry T. Burleigh

September 13, 2022

Bienen School of Music PhD student Kristian Rodriguez and MM student Michelle Mariposa discuss the life and music of composer Harry T. Burleigh. Baritone Nathan Savant, mezzo-soprano Michelle Mariposa, bass Dammie Akani, and pianist Karina Kontorovitch perform select art songs.

(01:34) “Just You” – Music by Harry T. Burleigh, text by Madge Marie Miller
Nathan Savant, baritone; Karina Kontorovitch, piano

(05:37) “The Grey Wolf” – Music by Harry T. Burleigh, text by Arthur Symons
Michelle Mariposa, mezzo-soprano; Karina Kontorovitch, piano

(12:42) “O, Rocks, Don’t Fall On Me” – Music by Harry T. Burleigh 
Dammie Akanni, bassKarina Kontorovitch, piano

About the Black Composer Showcase Series

The Black Composer Showcase series features performances by Bienen School voice and instrumental students and collaborative pianists, as well as scholarly background information on the works and composers provided by Bienen musicologists and conducting faculty. The goals of this series are to broaden the repertoires performed and studied at the Bienen School, inspire collaboration among music studies and performance students, and educate the Bienen School and broader communities about composers of color and their important contributions to classical music.

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