Adam Schoenberg - Symphony No. 2

October 19, 2018

Mallory Thompson conducts the Symphonic Wind Ensemble in a performance of Adam Schoenberg’s Symphony No. 2: Migration.

  • I. March
    March is the catalyst for change. Whether personal or political, it represents the conflict that is taking place within the country of origin.
  • II. Dreaming
    Dreaming is the vision of what awaits. It is the inspiration that allows one to take the leap and begin the journey.
  • III. Escape
    Escape represents the uprooting. Whether crossing illegally, going through Ellis Island, etc. It embodies the anxiety, hope, and fear of leaving everything behind.
  • IV. Crossing
    Crossing captures the feelings associated with leaving your homeland and entering a completely unfamiliar place.
  • V. Beginning
    Beginning represents the culmination of the journey. It is the start of a new life where anything is possible.


This performance was included a concert that also featured works by Jennifer Higdon, winner of the Michael Ludwig Nemmers Prize in Music Composition.


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