Audition & Program Requirements

Bachelor of Music: Double Bass

No prescreening round; audition unaccompanied.

Fall 2023 Audition Formats:

Applicants will have the option to audition on campus or submit a pre-recorded audition. Pre-recorded auditions must be recorded in one continuous take, include all audition repertoire, and be uploaded to the applicant's Bienen School Supplement. 

For Final Audition:

  • Two contrasting solo pieces
  • Choose a total of three orchestral excerpts from:
    • Mozart, symphonies 35, 39, 40
    • Beethoven, symphonies 3, 5, 7, 9
    • Brahms, symphonies 1, 2
    • Strauss, any standard tone poem

In addition: One major scale, one harmonic minor scale, and one natural minor scale of choice, in two or three octaves

Note: Sight-reading and memorization are not required


Other Degrees

Master of Music: Double Bass