Audition & Program Requirements

Bachelor of Music: Music Composition

NOTE: Music Composition applications do not have an audition component. 

Music Composition applicants should submit a portfolio online which includes:

  • Three well-produced scores for a variety of performance media, preferably with recordings of performances. At least one score must be composed for acoustic instrumentation. Scores produced with notation software will be expected to demonstrate skill in using the software as well as compositional sophistication. Handwritten scores are not required, but well-executed musical notation will be considered a positive attribute.
  • A research paper written in high school (a music subject is preferred).
  • Copies of any programs from works performed, documentation of music awards, names of all composition teachers, etc.
  • An example of musicianship on your primary instrument, such as a recording or video of one piece. Your instrument must correspond with the instruments/voice parts that comprise Bienen School of Music ensembles. 

Composition portfolios are due by February 1, 2022 (November 15, 2021 for Early Decision applicants).

NOTE: If you choose to apply to both Composition and a major in Music Performance (double-major option), then you must submit two separate Bienen School Supplements. The first will be for Composition, and you should upload the portfolio materials listed above. Then, submit a second Supplement for your intended performance area of study (i.e., violin or oboe). If your performance area requires prescreening, submit the requirements for that performance area. This performance audition will count toward the “example of musicianship” listed above.

Other Degrees

Bachelor of Arts: Music Composition
PhD in Music: Composition and Music Technology