Bienen Ensembles

SOLD OUT: Jazz Small Ensembles

The Music of Herbie Hancock

Monday, October 18, 2021 at 7:30pm CDT

McClintock Choral and Recital Room

This performance is SOLD OUT.

Victor Goines and Joe Clark, conductors

As a pianist and composer, Herbie Hancock and his music represent the pinnacle of excellence in jazz. This evening of music celebrates the genius of the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master through the lens—and pens—of the students of the jazz studies program.

Free Event

Selections by the Joe Clark Ensemble

Sean Deegan, alto and tenor saxophones
Shanth Gopalswamy, guitar
Clayton Eshleman, piano
Austin Aldrich, bass
Jack Shurtleff, drums

"Driftin" (arr. Clayton Eshleman)
"Empty Pockets" (arr. Austin Aldrich)
"The Maze" (arr. Shanth Gopalswamy)
"Chan's Song" (arr. Sean Deegan)
"One Finger Snap" (arr. Jack Shurtleff)

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Selections by the Victor Goines Ensemble

Mikey Ahearn, trumpet and flugelhorn
Albert Kuo, alto and soprano saxophones and flute
Joe Nedder, trombone
Peter Hoerenz, piano
Jesse Lear, bass
Darsan Swaroop Bellie, drums

"Oliloqui Valley" (arr. Peter Hoerenz)
"Maiden Voyage" (arr. Mikey Ahearn)
"Textures" (arr. Darsan Swaroop Bellie)
"The Pleasure is Mine" (arr. Joe Nedder)
"Riot" (arr. Jesse Lear)
"Watermelon Man" (arr. Albert Kuo)

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