Music Teaching and Learning in Virtual Communities

September 3, 2020

Music education faculty and doctoral fellows from the Bienen School of Music share creative strategies for online teaching and music making.

(01:24) Building Community in the Virtual Classroom (Sarah J. Bartolome - Associate Professor)
(09:13) Effective and Creative Ideas for Breakout Rooms (Amanda R. Draper - Lecturer)
(14:55) DIY Document Camera for Virtual Teaching Environments (Robert G. Hasty - Senior Lecturer)
(20:23) Facilitating Creative Revision in Remote Learning Environments (Patrick W. Horton - Doctoral Fellow)
(26:14) Adventures in Temporal Displacement: Getting Creative with Virtual Ensembles (Seth M. Adams - Doctoral Fellow)
(31:59) What can we take from the podium?  (Steven J. Morrison - Professor)
(39:07) Q&A

The views and opinions expressed by our speakers and participants do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Northwestern University or its affiliates.

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