Current Research on Issues of Race, Gender, and Disability in Music Teaching and Learning

April 16, 2021

Faculty members Sarah Bartolome ’02 MMus and Amanda Draper ’14 MMus, ’20 PhD, along with Doctoral Fellows Stephanie Gregoire ’20 MMus and Diego Pinto from the Northwestern University Music Education Program, present current research.

(1:35) Gospel Choir as a Space for Racial and Religious Expression for Black Students at a Predominantly White Institution (Diego Pinto - Doctoral Fellow)

(15:04) Genderally Speaking: Cultivating Conversation on Gender and Sexuality in Music Education (Stephanie Gregoire - Doctoral Fellow)

(31:26) Academy of Music and Arts for Special Education (AMASE): An Ethnography of an Individual Music Instruction Program for Students with Disabilities (Sarah J. Bartolome - Associate Professor and Amanda R. Draper - Lecturer)

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