Emeriti Faculty

Below is a list of our distinguished emeriti faculty.

Paul Aliapoulios - Music Education and Choral Music; Former Associate Dean | Email: aliapoulios_pauljanet@comcast.net  or pjaliapoulios@gmail.com

John Buccheri - Music Theory         

Russell Dagon - Clarinet | Email: russelldagon@sbcglobal.net

Laurence Davis* - Piano

Richard Enright - Organ

Grigg Fountain - Organ and Church Music; Director, Alice Millar Choir

Robert A. Harris - Conducting and Ensembles; Director, Choral Organizations | Email: robahar@northwestern.edu

Frederick Hemke - Saxophone | Email: f-hemke@northwestern.edu

David Kaiserman - Piano

Theodore Karp* - Musicology

Judith Schwartz Karp - Musicology | Email: j-schwartz@northwestern.edu

Myron Kartman - Violin, Chamber Music

James Kjelland - String Pedagogy | Email: kjelland@northwestern.edu

Walfrid Kujala - Flute | Email: w-kujala@northwestern.edu

Frances Larimer - Piano Pedagogy, Class Piano | Email: fralarimer@comcast.net

Thomas W. Miller - Music Education; Former Dean

Sherrill Milnes - Voice & Opera

Jim Moore - Music Education; Former Director of Admissions, Career Services, Summer Session

Fred Ockwell - Conducting | Email: f-ockwell@northwestern.edu

Don D. Owens - Director of Jazz Studies, Contemporary Music Ensemble, Marching Band, Concert Bands, NSHMI | Email: d-owens@northwestern.edu

William V. Porter - Musicology | Email: w-porter@northwestern.edu

Alan Stout - Music Composition, Music Theory

Stephen Syverud - Composition, Contemporary Music Ensemble, Electronic Music | Email: s-syverud@northwestern.edu

Peter R. Webster - Music Education, Music Technology | Email: pwebster@northwestern.edu