Career Services

The Bienen School of Music is dedicated to the next generation of musicians, and that means helping our students and alumni prepare for finding a job in their chosen field.  In addition to training with faculties who have achieved success in the music industry, we also partner with Northwestern Career Advancement to provide a wide array of career planning services that can help you prepare for the next step in your musical career.

Because we are located in Chicago, the Bienen School also hosts on-campus auditions for a variety of music festivals, professional organizations, summer opportunities, etc.  Visiting professionals and alumni will stop by to speak with our students about the realities of working in today’s job market, and we host workshops on topics such as resume writing, academic job hunting, searching for fellowships and more.

Our gig referral service offers students a chance to network and earn extra money throughout the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. We feel that the skills of working with a client, building your marketing skills and connecting with a live audience are so important to future success. Sessions hosted by the Office of Fellowships and University Career Services can also help those who are interested in graduate school or post-graduate research.