Office Directory

Office of the Dean

Toni-Marie Montgomery
Tonya Glover
Assistant to the Dean


Katelyn Balling
Communications Coordinator Senior


Emma Stapleton
Director of Development
Lena Gryaznova
Program Assistant
International Prizes
(Nemmers Prize, Gimbel Lane Prize)

Office of the Associate Dean for Administration, Finance and Planning

Fax: 847-491-5260
René E. Machado
Associate Dean for Administration, Finance and Planning

Administration and Finance

Traci Pickerell
Associate Director of Business and Finance
Shayna Duesenberg Thomason
Business Administrator
Erin Hemingway
Associate Director of Facilities and Operations
Andrea Hein White
Administrative Assistant
Amber Polivka
Operations Coordinator
Olga Loevski
Financial Coordinator

Information Technology

Ray Mathew
IT Services Coordinator
Jay Haire
IT User Support Specialist
IT Support
Music IT Support

Keyboard Maintenance

William Schwartz
Supervisor of Keyboard Maintenance
David Anderson
Piano Technician

Office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (Undergraduate)

Fax: 847-467-7440
Linda Jacobs
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Jeffrey Merkley
Data Assistant
To Be Determined
Administrative Assistant; Student Advisor

Graduate Studies

James Giles
Director of Music Performance Graduate Studies
Drew Edward Davies
Director of Graduate Music Studies
Donna Su
Coordinator of Graduate Services and Financial Aid

Faculty Support Center

Carly Loonan
Administrative Assistant
Nathan Frye
Administrative Assistant

Department of Music Performance

Karen Brunssen
Co-Chair, Department of Music Performance
Gerardo Ribeiro
Co-Chair, Department of Music Performance

Office of Bands

James Sheppard
Administrative Assistant

Office of Choral Organizations

Ryan Strand
Administrative Assistant

Office of Jazz Studies

Bernard Scavella
Administrative Coordinator

Office of Orchestras

Danielle Ray
Administrative Assistant

Department of Music Studies

Composition and Music Technology

Jay Alan Yim
Coordinator, Composition and Music Technology

Music Education

Maud Hickey
Coordinator, Music Education

Music Theory & Cognition

Richard Ashley
Coordinator, Music Theory & Cognition


Linda Phyllis Austern
Coordinator, Musicology

Office of Music Admission, Financial Aid and Enrollment

Fax: 847-467-7440
Ryan O'Mealey
Assistant Dean for Admission, Financial Aid and Graduate Services
Bennett Olson
Assistant Director of Admission
Donna Su
Coordinator of Graduate Services and Financial Aid
Joyce Lewis
Administrative Assistant
Summer Session
(Mid-June through end of July)

Concert Management Office

Fax: 847-467-6097; Box Office: 847-467-4000
Jerry Tietz
Director of Concert Management
Jason Shadle
Concert Operations Manager
Laura Nielsen
Marketing Manager
Corey Glenton
Marketing Coordinator
Sean Brennan
Ticketing Manager
Bill Milgram
Technical Services Manager
Margaret Lindsey
Concert Business Manager
Ford Altenbern
Technical Services Coordinator

Music Academy

Mary Beth Molenaar
Director of Music Academy

Music Library

Greg MacAyeal
Curator of the Music Library

Summer Session

Fax: 847-467-7440
Joyce Lewis
Administrative Assistant

Institute for New Music

Hans Thomalla
Ryan Strand
Administrative Assistant