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Watch this space for the exciting calendar of events we are planning for 2014-2015.

Dear friends of the Institute for New Music,

On Friday, June 6th, our colleague and friend Lee Hyla passed away. Lee, who had come to Northwestern University in 2007 after long and influential years in Boston, was a great composer and a wonderful teacher.

Although he was only tangentially involved with the formation of the Institute for New Music, his often witty advice and his unique way to soften the blow of constructive criticism by delivering it with his very own kind of humor was crucial for all of us. Nobody present will forget the highly personal, extremely funny, and very intelligent comments on John Cage during the inaugural event of our institute, which – delivered with typically Lee-Hyla-understatement – gave an entirely new angle to our symposium.

Lee was a wonderful teacher, who influenced an enormous class of young composers here at the Bienen School, at New England Conservatory, and at numerous festivals and workshops.

Observing his unique style of teaching had a strong influence on me (we arrived here at Northwestern together as new faculty members): his healthy skepticism towards many of the formalities of academia, his willingness to question all authority figures of the Western canon, and, most importantly, the deep humanity that permeated all his interactions with young composers and performers will always be a model for me personally.

We will greatly miss Lee Hyla.

Hans Thomalla
Director, Institute for New Music

Lee Hyla (second from left) speaking at CageFest.

NUNC! Conference Photos

In April, musicians, composers, and theorists gathered for first biannual Northwestern University New Music Conference — or NUNC! — sponsored by the Institute for New Music. The goal was  to bring professionals and students, who are working scholarly and creatively in the field of contemporary music together for presentations of works, performances, and research.  

The event was a tremendous success. Check out our slideshow below. We look forward to another NUNC! in 2016.

You can still view the schedule for NUNC! 2014.