January 4, 2018

Alumni among Chicagoans of the Year


Violist Doyle Armbrust (00), cellist Russell Rolen (G11), and violinists Clara Lyon and Maeve Feinberg of Spektral Quartet were named Chicagoans of the Year in Classical by the Chicago Tribune.

“No other local group made new and unfamiliar music so compelling an aural adventure. And not just new music: The Spektral brought as much finely calibrated vitality to Haydn as it did to Elliott Carter,” the article reads.

The quartet earned a Grammy nomination in 2017 for best chamber music/small ensemble performance for Serious Business (Alliance). Another highlight of the year was a performance of Morton Feldman’s rarely performed six-hour String Quartet No. 2 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

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Photo by Joe Mazza